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Help for EAL children with learning English and GSCE exams in native language

With our long experience of working with schools and parents we are able to help them to support their childrens’ education.

Our Aims are:

 – to facilitate communication between schools and immigrants’ children and families;

 – to help children and young people moving from abroad, quickly settle into their new school environment, so that they can achieve their full potential.

Our Services include:

  • translating school documents and forms – providing face to face interpreting (e.g. at parents’ evenings or to address concerns about progress, attendance or behaviour)
  • helping with the completion of school admission forms or other written information – preparing and running GCSE Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian courses and other languages.
  •  EAL support such as pronunciation, spelling and blending words to maximise English improvement based on the needs of the pupil and our assessment of the child’s native language skills
  •  cultural training for teachers plus in-house classes for staff .
  • explaining how the English/Polish/Romanian Education system works and providing relevant advice and support
  •  conversations with parents and family support – providing support on a pupil’s first day at a new school – helping teachers find out about pupils or families

We are a small family focused business, which provides a support to many places with our great freelance workforce. We need a time to plan and organise a service for you, so please contact us in advance to set up a good working relationship and plan support for your pupils. Please contact us on school@eforc.co.uk We will reply to you within 5 working days.

Our freelance workforce has teaching qualifications to provide this service for you.

We use AQA program, so our students have full access to previous years’ exams. We conduct assessments and provide preparation sessions for exam in your school or home. We work one to one with students and also in the group.

Our programme includes 10 sessions for 2 hours each.

We are committed to the best outcome for the student’s exams, so we plan, asses, deliver and celebrate the outcome of the exam.

If you are interesting in to requesting our service, please provide more details about your needs: Language, number of students, place of delivery and exact needs for your students. Would you need our specialist for the whole GCSE preparation or just to conduct oral exams?

Please contact us on school@eforc.co.uk We aim to reply to you within 5 working days.


Freelance Translator/Interpreter

Initial Application

Thanks for applying for this opportunity to be a member of our freelance team.

Diversity Voice looks after a wide range of translation and interpreting work, ranging from social media posts to sensitive casework for social services. We are a small regional charity, and our service is more personal than some other agencies you might have worked with. Almost all of our work is in Somerset or nearby areas.

For each job, we select a contractor based on their experience and qualifications. Some jobs require appropriately qualified t&i professionals, but we do from time to time have opportunities for bilinguals who may not be qualified.

English as the source language in most of our work. You are required as a minimum to:

  • know British English either at the level of a proficient native speaker (eg CEFR C2, Cambridge Advanced/Proficiency, IELTS 7)
  • have at least a first degree in any subject

You will need to indicate the target languages in which you are able to accept work. You are required as a minimum to:

  • know your target languages at the level of a proficient native speaker
  • have a first degree in any subject.

If you are qualified as a translator/interpreter through holding relevant qualifications you will have the opportunity to accept a wider range of work. For some work, qualifications are critical. Very occasionally, for example to meet requirements for a rarely sought target language, or for non-critical community work, we may have opportunities for those who do not meet these minimum requirements.

Application process

  1. Please complete the form under.
  2. We’ll contact you for a chat to let you know that we’ve received your application and answer your questions.
  3. You’ll be asked to send copies of relevant qualifications, certificates and other documents. You will be asked for evidence of your right to work in the UK and will need to provide references. You’ll also be asked to agree to our contract.
  4. We’ll communicate with you when we have work in your selected language pairs.

We’re really looking forward to hearing from you and look forward to working together.

Diversity Voice 0300 075 0105, translations@diversityvoice.org.uk

Victoria Park Community Centre, Victoria Park Drive, Bridgwater, TA6 7AS

Let's start the application

    1.Name (First name > family name). Please do not use abbreviations or nicknames.*

    2.Please state your first language.*

    3.From which SOURCE languages can you translate?*

    4.From which SOURCE languages can you interpret?*

    5.Into which TARGET languages can you translate?*

    6.Into which TARGET languages can you interpret?*

    7.Please indicate any memberships*

    7.1 If you ticked 'other' above, please tell us your membership.

    8.If you are registered with a professional body, for which languages are you registered?

    9.If you indicated that you have relevant qualifications, please tell us what these are. If your qualifications were not gained in the UK, please provide the name of your qualification in the country of origin.*

    10.Do you have a DBS certificate issued within the previous 12 months?*

    11.If you hold a DBS certificate issued within the previous 12 months, please provide the certificate number and date of issue in the format DD.MM.YY*

    12.Please tell us what insurance you hold. Tick all that apply.*

    13.Please tell us whether you have experience in providing t&i in any of these contexts.

    14.Provide a summary LIST of your relevant experience.*
    For example:

    Teacher of French
    Blum languages, English to French, medical
    Marcross Translations, English to French, mostly commercial

    You will be asked to send a CV after your application has been approved.

    15.Please indicate your right to work status.*

    16.Please provide your telephone number.*

    17.Please provide your email address.*

    18.Please tell us the TOWN or CITY in which you live (or your nearest town or city).*

    19.Please provide your full address.*

    20.Please provide the names, addresses, emails and telephone numbers of two referees, and indicate whether a personal or professional referee. We will not approach referees before contacting you.*

    You can add some attachment.

    The information you have provided will be kept for up to 3 years on a secure server for the purpose of making contact with you about jobs, and gaining information related to your application. It will not be passed on, except for providing your name to clients on offers of work for face to face interpreting you accept. That information is provided to the client for security purposes. You can ask for your data to be removed at any time.

    Thanks very much for your application. We'll be in touch very shortly.

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